About Us

I created this blog to document my spiritual journey with my daughter, Talim. Now that she is old enough to come with me to open rituals and sit in the circle with me at home, I wanted to share some of our stories with other Pagan parents who will hopefully find inspiration and ideas through our blog.

We visit sacred sites, take yearly trips to Glastonbury, participate in Pagan Pride parades and go to Pagan festivals regularly, as well as attend child-friendly open rituals and perform magick at home.

I work from home as a psychological astrologer, reiki master, tarot consultant and graphic designer (logos and Pagan stickers). Our other interests include dancing ballet (Talim is grade 3 and I take adult beginner classes), playing instruments, watercolour and acrylic painting, and photography.

Talim is also homeschooled, or home educated, as we call it here in the UK, and of course Pagan studies are a big part of our curriculum. I hope to also share some of the learning tools and resources which I have found helpful in educating Talim in the old ways.

Angel x

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