Another Year at Witchfest

Another Year at Witchfest

This was our second year attending Witchfest which takes place in Brighton, and like last year we had so much fun.

Last year Talim and I went on our own and met up with some friends, but this year Mark came along with us before leaving the next day to tour Australia with Boney M. This meant that I didn’t have to worry about Talim getting board at the talks I wanted to attend as Mark was around to take her to the kid friendly activities. Talim ended up making friends with a boy, and they sat together wand making while I listened to a couple of talks with my friend.

Here are Mark and Talim’s wands.

We’re not allowed to film or take photos at Witchfest for confidentiality, so I don’t have any pictures of the speakers or the stalls, but they had a little photo booth in the foyer which is either new, or completely escaped me last year.

After the event the 6 we went for supper at Pizza Express and were joined by my friend’s husband and two young children. And after that some of us made our way back to the centre to watch the live bands. Like last year, the concentrated mass of auras and energy fields overwhelmed me and I ended up with a migraine, but I enjoyed the music nonetheless.

Next year there won’t be a Witchfest International at Brighton as the organisers (COA) say they lost out on a lot of money this year, so they are taking a year off to recoup. However the Witchfest Midlands in the summer is still happening, so I’m looking forward to attending that, even if it won’t be quite as big.


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