Beltane 2018 at Glastonbury

Beltane 2018 at Glastonbury

Talim and I have been to Glastonbury together 3 times (I was also there last year for my Reiki masters course). This year I decided I wanted to make it our Beltane family tradition to spend 2 nights in the magickal town of Glastonbury, so off we went on the last day of April.

After we unpacked and went for a walk in the town centre, we attended the evening Beltane celebration at the Goddess Hall with loads of other Pagans. Unfortunately filming and photography weren’t allowed (although I snapped a new sneaky pics for my Instagram, here are a couple below! Shhh!), so I was unable to get any decent photos of the night, but it was an amazing celebration which I am looking forward to next year.

The following morning we slept in, which wasn’t the originally plan, but after seeing how cold it was going to be in the morning, I decided I wasn’t going to attend the 7am meditation. We did pop into Chalice Well Gardens just before 9am to catch the ending of the raising of the May pole. Fingers crossed for better, warmer weather next year as I definitely don’t want to miss it again.

Of course, the parade was in full swing and everyone was dressed appropriately. Except for us! For some reason I always forget to bring my Pagan-wear, so we always look slightly out of place!

After breakfast we went back to the Chalice well Gardens for midday meditation at the well head where we met up with Annika.

Glastonbury is a great place for vegans. Every little cafe or restaurant will have something vegan on the menu so there’s no shortage of choice for where to eat. We popped into Hundred Monkeys for lunch.

And while on Glastonbury high street one would be a fool to miss out on the shopping! We only bought some bits at our favourite shop, Star Child, but they if you haven’t visited Glastonbury before, make sure you check out all the shops.. it’s like Diagona Alley!

After a quick drink at the pub where Annika and I had something called Freya’s Mead, we headed up the steep hill to the Tor where it was incredibly windy. We came upon a wishing tree on our way down, and made wishes using hair bands as we didn’t have any ribbon on us.

I had to take a picture of this little guy! So cute!

Want to see more of our trip? Watch our vlog below!


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  1. 14th May 2018 / 1:46 pm

    Oh my gosh.. I was in Glastonbury too for 3 nights for Beltane.. shame we didn’t bump into you both.. My friends and I camped at Avalon camp..and went to the Maypole dancing on the hill.. You must have been in Chalice well for their Maypole.. and BTW in your Green man group photo (outside The Gauntlet pub) you have 3 of my friends.. 2 ladies at front (Karen & Katie..) and the Grene man in the right..Niall!! 🙂 Small world.. Blessings.

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