Isis Birthday Ritual

Isis Birthday Ritual

In July I took Talim to our first open ritual with Pagans we had never met before. I didn’t know what to expect; were these people going to be nice to us, would they make us feel welcome, would we even find them as we didn’t know what they looked like!?

The place to meet was in a park cafe, minutes from the bank of the river Thames where the ritual was to take place. We stood outside the cafe for a few minutes before I spotted a group of guys who didn’t really look as though they belonged together, and figured, this has got to be the Pagan meet up! We introduced ourselves and immediately felt comfortable, which was a huge relief as I didn’t want Talim to be disappointed with her first ritual. What made it extra important for her was that Isis is her matron goddess. She sleeps with an Isis statue beside her bed and is well versed in Egyptian mythology.

We helped set up an altar by the riverside by placing things we found in nature and in our bags by a tree. As it was our first group ritual like this, we didn’t know what we were meant to bring, so I pulled out some stones and shells I had in a mojo bag I keep about my person and added them to the wonderful altar we were putting together. A couple of ladies and I gave Reiki to the altar too.

Talim was very excited to start her first open ritual as you can see on the massive smile on her face.

She joined in and despite being the only child there that day, she held her own and even called in the element of Fire. She was also chosen to unveil the statue of Isis once we had all received our blessings. It was a truly magickal day for Talim.

When the ritual ended we were gifted with this beautiful handmade goddess of the sky Nut/Nuit board which has a special place in Talim’s bedroom now.

I was really happy to have taken Talim to this ritual. It was an amazing experience not just for her but for me too. It was my first time performing a ritual outside of my own coven and indeed outside of my own home. We were blessed with beautiful weather (I wore shorts!) even well into the evening. We will definitely be going to more open rituals with this group in the future, but probably more so in the warmer months as all their rituals are conducted outdoors!

If you’re in London and are interested in the London Woodland Witches & Outdoor Pagans group, you can join their group on


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  1. 14th May 2018 / 1:56 pm

    Oh my gosh.. Angel & Talim.. How wonderful you wrote about the Birthday of Isis ceremony last year.. 🙂 I just found this blog.. Am so happy to know the Nut board is with you as a special item.. I made it for the first one 5..6 years ago and has been in all our Isis rituals… so it hopefully has all those magic for you. See you at this yea’s one soon.. Blessings. Mani

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