Pagan Pride Parade London

Pagan Pride Parade London

It’s that time of year again when Pagans all across the UK start marching in the various Pagan Pride parades that take place up and down the country. Talim and I often miss the one in London, but this year we were able to make it to Russel Square for midday to take a look at some jewellery at the stalls and join the parade.

We saw some people we knew from last year’s Isis ritual. Here’s Talim helping Mani put on his satyr outfit.

My friend Emilie joined us and, as she was quite rushed in the morning and didn’t have time to don a flower crown or witchy robes, she opted for some fairy face painting.

The afternoon started off with some dancing and drumming, then a beautiful circle casting before we marched off onto the streets of London, passing The British Museum and well known witchy shops like Atlantis and Treadwell’s.

Talim made friend with some musicians, of course.

When the parade ended and we all came back to the park, the mild weather permitted some fountain frolicking, so off came the shoes and socks and into the water the braver Pagans went! Talim opted for dancing around the circle, as I wouldn’t allow her to get wet as we didn’t bring any towels. Maybe next time!

Despite being adorned in flower crowns, we felt under dressed, and promised ourselves we’d dress more appropriately next year!

I believe taking children to these sorts of events really helps them to get involved with the community and encourages confidence in our path. Meeting Pagans from all backgrounds and ethnicities is important for us, and events like parades and festivals are great for this. I’ll have to make the parade a part of our yearly tradition.


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  1. 14th May 2018 / 1:42 pm

    Wow..How wonderful that you have this blog `Mother & Maiden’.. I will be reading through all your posts and sharing.. Such a great thing we met last year at Goddess Isis birthday ritual..and looking forward to seeing you both at next one in July.. by river Thames.. and ps.. Thank you to Talim for helping me tie up my fur-paws.. 🙂 Hugs & Bright Blessings. Mani/ Green Man-Pan

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