Pagan Pride Southampton

Pagan Pride Southampton

This summer we made a last minute decision to head down to the Pagan Pride event taking place in Southampton, so we all squeezed into the car and hit the road. As a family we enjoy exploring and travelling to different cities, so we’re often in the car and don’t mind long journeys – even with the dog!

Pagan Pride Southampton is a small event with a few dozen small stalls, but I’m always up for supporting lesser known Pagan events to help them grow bigger over the coming years.

We found parking nearby and the sounds of drums led us in the right direction. Talim received this awesome instant camera for her birthday and took the opportunity to capture the moment.The novelty of waiting for the film to develop. I bought her some colourful films which we share (I have the Instax printer).Talim looks so grown up here, shopping for jewellery. She ended up purchasing those pentacle earrings you can spot in the bottom right of the picture above, and wore them to Witchfest. I was in the market for a silver pentacle ring, but alas, years have passed and I still have not found the perfect one.

Talim also got her face painted before we left. It’s her favourite thing to do at these events.


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