Pagan Workbooks

Pagan Workbooks

I love the structure of workbooks for children, so when I started home educating Talim three years ago, the first thing I looked for were Pagan workbooks. Surprisingly they existed and we bought some of the younger books which involved a lot of colouring in and learning witchy vocab.

This year I picked up these two books which Talim really enjoys. They’re both great for her age (8) and I highly recommend them to other Pagan families. features Pagan stories and activities relating to them in the pages following. Talim finds comprehension work a lot of fun, so she whizzed through this book in no time. The artwork featured is also lovely, and the pages are thick, so you can carefully take the art out if you want to.

The second book we are working through is and although there is an option to buy this on the Kindle, I high discourage doing so as this book has a lot of cut-out and make activities. I recommend photocopying the pages that have templates so that you can build the boxes and mobiles it features on heavy weight cardstock, and the author even suggests doing so, so that if you have more than one child they can all share the book. We love this activity book and can’t wait to buy . I would say the activities in this book are appropriate for ages 5 and above. Talim is extremely mature and intelligent, but as a home educated child she is slower to grow up in many wonderful ways, so she is more innocent and childlike than others her age. A positive quality these days, in my opinion! She would probably still enjoy these activities in a few years time. I enjoy them!

Many years ago when she was first learning the alphabet, I got her which has lots of colouring in pages for things like A for Athame, B for Besom and C for Cauldron. A great way to introduce young children to Pagan terminology.


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